Getting Together

Getting Together
First telecast: Sept. 18,1971
Last telecast: January 8, 1972
Broadcast history: Sept. 1971-Jan. 1972, ABC, Sat.8:00-8:30 PM.


Bobby Conway..............Bobby Sherman
Lionel Poindexter.... ...... Wes Stern
Jennifer Conway..............Susan Neher
Officer Rudy Colcheck.........Jack Burns
Rita Simon ..................Pat Carroll

Theme: "Getting Together", by Helen Miller and Roger Atkins

Television and recording star Bobby Sherman played songwriter Bobby Conway, a young man struggling to make it in the music business. He wrote the melodies, while his kooky, tone-deaf pal Lionel wrote the lyrics. Bobby C. was also legal guardian of his younger sister Jennifer, a 12-year-old. Bobby, Lionel and Jennifer lived in an antique shop. The rent was low, but at times they were left with no furniture, as it was (now and then) sold out from under them! Bobby worked as a recording engineer to make ends meet, while the boys tried to sell their songs. Rita was their sweet landlady, and Rudy was Rita's boyfriend. The show would probably have done quite well, had it not been placed opposite ALL IN THE FAMILY, a smash hit for CBS.

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